Crack Grease Snowboarding - Elin McLain
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Crack Grease Snowboarding

This is a company that I started with two buddies, circa 2010. Crack Grease Snowboarding is committed to STOKE. We started this company because we LOVE snowboarding and want to contribute to the evolution and culture of snowboarding. Our goal is to create high quality products that enrich the shred experience and facilitate STOKE.

The Wax: Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax is hand-crafted in small batches by riders, for riders. We use locally-sourced and sustainable materials, and our packaging is 100% recyclable paper. You might be able to buy some still. 

Roles: creative director, designer, co-director (video), print coordinator, co-knucklehead



Co-founder and design director of Crack Grease Snowboarding from 2010-2015.